Vocabulary of Pickture


The articles are written by our trendsetters & partners and talk about the latest fashion, deco & beauty news. When you click on an article, you are redirected to their website page where you can read it fully.

Brands and shops

To help keep you informed of all the latest releases from your favourite brands at Pickture, every registered brand has an official profile. You can follow a brand, like their lists or pick products they added and give your opinion by adding a comment. On the community page, find the most popular brands and shops, organized into categories.


To help you find the coolest, newest, quirkiest items from all over the world, we at Pickture have organised all items into categories: fashion, technology, home, children, beauty, sports, etc. To access it, go to the menu bar and click on Trending. On your right, you’ll find a menu with all the categories.


You can share your opinions on any item you find at Pickture and discover the views of others by commenting: simply click on the corresponding area and submit a comment. You will receive notifications once members comment on an item that you added to Pickture. You can edit your notification settings by updating your profile settings.

Create a pick, a lookbook, a list

Pickture gives you the opportunity to create your own content. It gives free reign to your imagination whether it's picking, creating a list or simply creating a lookbook!


At Pickture, we strive to bring you the best, most exclusive deals from the brands you love. Thanks to the Pickture Button your promotional codes and offers will be displayed to you while you are online to help you get the best deals on the things you love.


You can subscribe to a list or a brand by clicking on the Follow button either next to the list or on the brand’s profile page. This allows you to receive updates with any news. You will also receive exclusive deals from this brand via the Pickture Button.


To follow one of Pickture's members, click on the "Follow" Button on his/her profile. Once you've followed him/her you will automatically be notified of all new products and lists he/she adds and creates.

My feed

On this page, find all the latest updates from your friends and follows like new picks, new lists…


All items you pick are organized into lists. On your profile page you can create a new list, change its privacy settings (public vs. private), modify its name or delete it.


A lookbook is a sort of catalogue, gathering different products linked together by a main visual. It can be for example, the outfit of your favourite star, or the future interior of your living room. A lookbook allows introducing several products together, no matter what their category or the situation is.


Notifications appear under the globe icon on the Pickture navigation bar on the top of the site. When you have a new notification a blue rectangle will appear with the number of notifications you’ve received. You can click on this icon to view your notification and you can control what kind of notifications you get by updating your profile settings.


Once you see an item online that you would like to add to your Pickture profile, you can do so by picking it. Click on the Pickture Button in the bookmarks bar at the top of your browser window, add the relevant product information, select your wish list and click Pick. You can also pick items that are already on Pickture, that were added by our users - just click on the item that interests you and it will be automatically added to your profile.


A pick can be either a product or a lookbook. Your picks are posted on your profile page and organised in lists.

Pickture button

The Pickture Button is a free extension that is available for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome on our dedicated page. Once installed, the Button is added to your toolbar and enables users to add (“pick”) any products from around the web to their Pickture profile. The Button can also act as a price comparison tool that is displayed while browsing a product page.

Pickture community

All the businesses who have an account on Pickture: merchants, brands and trendsetters (bloggers, celebrities, reporters…)

Pickture menu bar

On the top of each Pickture page, you will notice a black bar that contains the following tabs: My feed, Trending, Community, Search, Notifications, Deals and your profile. You can browse Pickture by clicking on those tabs or by typing your enquiry into the search bar.

Pickture Profile

Your profile page is a public page that is visible either to all or only to you. On your profile page you can edit your profile settings, profile picture and organize your lists.


On this page you will find all the products selected by the Pickture team. To view the items in each category, simply select Trending on the Pickture menu bar and select whichever category interests you!


Thanks to our trendsetters, stay informed about the most innovative products. You can follow a trendsetter, like their lists or pick products they added and give your opinion by adding a comment. On the trendsetters’ page, discover the most popular trendsetters.