What data do we collect ?

We gather data in two ways :

1) Auto declared data

Once you subscribe to use our products, you voluntarily submit to use certain data. This may include your name, your profile picture, comments, your tastes, your e-mail that you indicated during registration and all other information that you provide to us. If you use Pickture from your mobile, you may also choose to share your location data. You may also give us the right to access to your data available on other services – for example, you can link your Facebook or Twitter profile to Pickture, that would allow us to get information from those accounts (for example, your friends or contacts). The data that we collect from those services depends on your setting and their privacy policy, thus do not forget to verify their status.

2) Technical data collected once you use our products

Every time you use a website, mobile application or other Internet service, there is certain data that is automatically created and saved. The same thing happens when you use our products, and here are some of the types of information that we collect in this way:

Data connection. When you use Pickture, our servers automatically save the data on your interaction with our products (“data logs”), including the information that your server sends every time you visit a website or your mobile application sends whilst you use Pickture. The data logs can include your Internet protocol, the URL of the website you visited before Pickture, adjustments, the date and time of your visit, and how you used Pickture.

Depending on the way you access our products, we can use the “cookies” (small text folder sent by your computer each time you visit a website), or similar technologies to save the data logs. When we use the cookies, we can use “session cookies” (that are valid until you close your navigator) or “lasting” cookies (that are saved until you or your navigator deletes them). For example, we can use cookies to save your language choice or Pickture settings to keep your log-in details every time you connect to Pickture.

Data of the peripheral device. In addition to saving data, we can also gather information on the type of device you use whilst navigating Pickture, such as the type of the device, operating system you use, the device setting, the names of the unique devices and crash reports. Whether we collect all of such information or just a part depends on the type of device that you use and its settings. For example, the types of information that are available vary whether you use a Mac or your PC or your Android phone. To find out more about the information of your device, please consult the technical manual for your device or software supplier.

How do we use the collected data?

The data we collect, we use to provide you with the best quality and personalised service, to develop new products and to protect Pickture and our users.

For example, we can see how users use two different versions of a product that would help us understand which version is better. We also use the information that we collect to offer you personalised suggestions – helping you discover advices that would interest you or offer you adapted advertisement.

We also use collected data for :

To send you updates (for example, on certain activity that takes place at Pickture such « picks » or comments), newsflashes, marketing documents and other information that may interest you. For example, depending on your e-mail notifications settings, we can send you daily updates.

You can choose to no longer receive updates by e-mail by modifying your account settings.

Answering to your questions or comments. The information we collect can be « personally identifiable » (meaning that the data is used to specifically identify you) or « not personally identifiable » (meaning that the data cannot be used to specifically identify you). We use two types of data, and a combination of those two types as described above. We have the right to use and save the information everywhere when Pickture operates, including countries outside of your place of residence.

What options do you have on your data?

Our objective is to give you simple and useful choices with regards to your data. For example, if you have an account at Pickture, you can:

access and change the information on your profile at any time, and to choose whether your profile page is visible on the search engines;

choose whether or not to link your Pickture account to other accounts on other networks (for example, Facebook or Twitter). For certain services (such as Facebook or Twitter), you can choose whether to publish your activity or not;

close your account at any time by writing us: Once you chose to close your account, we deactivate and delete all of your information. We can keep archived copies of your data, required by law or for legitimate sales objectives (including helping in cases of fraud).

The options you have, with regards to sharing your personal information, depend on the setting of the device or the software you use to access Pickture. For example, the browser that you use could offer you the possibility to control the cookies or any other types of local data storage; your mobile phone can ask you whether you would like to share your location details or other information with Pickture. To find out more about the choices, please consult the information provided by the device or the supplier of the software.

How can your data be shared?

Pickture is a social network that you can use during your online purchases. The public lists you create will be seen by all the community. You can choice to make the information on your profile page visible to all. Some other limited cases when we can share your personal data include:

When we have your permission. This includes all information exchange with other services (such as Facebook and Twitter), once you have chosen to link your Pickture account with other networks or to share your activity on Pickture. For example you can choose to publish your Pickture status updates on Facebook or Twitter.

- We can use third-party companies or individuals to deal with personal details on our behalf, but under our guideline and respecting our general terms and conditions. For example, we can share the data with a security consultant to help us better identify spam or with one of our accountants in order to ensure the legality of our tax data. Certain details that we require can be collected by suppliers on our behalf.

If we feel that disclosure is necessary to reply to a legislative demand, regulative or legal, to protect the privacy, rights or public goods, or to detect, prevent or fight against fraud, privacy or technical problems.

We can go through a fusion, acquisition, bankruptcy, dissolution, reorganization or a similar process or procedure that implies the transfer of information described in the presented conditions.

We also hold the right to share the specific or not-personally identifiable data with our partners or others. For example, we can notify a company that uses Pickture how many people re-pick the information they shared, or the percent of people who click on the product having seen it.

Our data policy on children

Pickture is available to children from the age of 13 years of old. If you discover that your child, who is a minor, has subscribed to our service without your knowledge, please contact us.

Adults, who are guardians of minors, are responsible for monitoring their use of Internet. It is also their responsibility to determine the services and the usage that they define as appropriate for the minors.

For advice, they can use the suggestions of AFA made in collaboration with the public rights that can be found here:

How can we change this policy?

We hold the right to modify this privacy policy, and this case, we will publish all changes on this page. If you continue to use Pickture once the changes are effective, you agree to accept the modifications. If the changes are important, we will provide a more prominent notice or obtain your consent required by law.